THE Major new announcements are for NAB are the new underwater housing for the RED Epic:

Housing for Red Digital Cinema Epic

Press release here:

...and our new Aero3D™ beamsplitter/mirror rig for shooting professional 3D with a variety of video cameras, dSLRs and Digital Cinema cameras. This is an abovewater product (but look for Atlantis3D™ underwater rig soon.)

Aero3D beamsplitter/mirror 3D rig

Aero3D™ is designed to provide extreme rigidity in a lightweight package and Indy pricing $5795 list - $3995 special NAB introductory pricing.

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You can find individual PDF brochure sheets for somehousings at

AquaVideo and RED Revolutionize U/W Motion Pictures!

HOT NEWS: AquaVideo was the first company to house the RedOne Digital Cinema Camera and in March 2011 became the first company to house the new Red Epic camera. ( Quite simply, the Epic is the finest digital motion picture camera in the world, bringing resolution higher than 35mm film at up to 120 frames per second (300 fps at resolution greater than full 1080P HiDef). At a price point around $30K and the ability to use high quality Canon and Nikon lenses as well as traditional cine lenses, it is also within the range of most serious professionals and well to do amateurs. And slightly reduced performance "lite" versions in the $6000 to $13000 range will be introduced in the fall of 2011.

(Previous info about the RedOne: The RED Digital Cinema Camera, similar to Digital SLR technology in the still photo world, is challenging traditional film-based feature (check out the film "KNOWING" for a major motion picture shot on RED) and highend nature/documentary production, with a price less than $20,000 compared to $50K to $120K for the comparable Panasonic and Sony video cameras. Utilizing a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor the REDONE provides 20 times the resolution of standard television and 4 to 6 times that of even high definition television. Perfectly shaped for an underwater housing, it allows us to create a professional underwater system that is truly revolutionary in size and picture resolution. AquaVideo has created a housing that displaces just over 50 pounds (compared to 80-120 lbs. for broadcast HD and film cameras). In fact, the housing is not much larger or more expensive than those for midrange prosumer Camcorders like the Sony Z1, Panasonic HVX200, etc. This is the first system that provides true 35mm motion picture film quality in an affordable underwater system.)

You can find an individual PDF brochure sheets for the AquaVideo REDONE housing at


High definition is truly for every one with extremely high quality High Def camcorders from Canon, Panasonic, Sony and others for under $500 and high quality AquaVideo housing/domeport/wide angle lens systems for $1099-1299.

In addition, most DSLR manufacturers have added high definition to their digital SLR still cameras like the Canon T3i, Nikon D3100, and Panasonic GH2 (about $700 for the body and $500-700 for extremely high quality ultrawide lenses.) These are quite compact yet are built with (removable for travel) dual handles and handle wings for excellent stability while shooting movies.

  • Housing for CANON T3i $1299 including all major control functions and dome port optics.
  • Housing for Nikon D3100 $1299 including all major control functions and dome port optics.
  • Housing for CANON T2i $1299 including all major control functions and dome port optics.
  • Housing for Panasonic GH2.... $1399 including all major control functions and dome port optics.
  • Housing for Panasonic GH1.... $1399 including all major control functions and dome port optics.
  • Housing for Sony FS100.... $1999 (Require Sony 20mm pancake lens and wide converter).
  • Housing for CANON XL-H1 available $2799
  • Housing for CANON XH-A1 XH-H1 $2499
  • Housing for Sony HDR-FX7 - $2699 (HVR-V1 - $2599)
  • Housing for Panasonic AG-HVX200 ... $2699 Inc.
  • Sony F3 Housing avail. $9,999 cylindrical aluminu, similar to Redone and Epic housings..
  • Arri Alexa Housing avail. $9,999 cylindrical aluminu, similar to Redone and Epic housings..
  • PhantomFlex Housing avail. $9,999 cylindrical aluminu, similar to Redone and Epic housings..


AquaVideo™ Underwater Housings:

AquaVideo™ manufactures high quality, fairly priced underwater housings (underwater cases) for virtually any camcorder; specialized cameras for commercial diving, scientific, and industrial use - as well as some digital still cameras. Housings for most single chip camcorders are $1,099 - including a wide conversion lens. Housing prices for prosumer 3 HD camcorders range from $1,199 to $2,999. Housings for broadcast SD and High Definition camcorders range from $4,999 - $25,000.

Aquavideo™ housings feature dome port optics, patented x-ring double seals, excellent visibility of the LCD screen, and much more.

••• Click here for details.

Underwater Lighting: AquaVideo's SuperNova 250 and 350 watt tungsten halogen lights have been the industry standard for quality, reliability and high power for over 20 years. Although our 50/60 watt HID brought SuperNova™ quality to the HID market, recent improvements in our new LED lights make them the best choice for most users. Our Underwater Lighting Guide sorts fact from fiction. Click here for more info.

Rental Equip. & Production Services: AquaVideo is your best source to rent U/W video and lighting equipment. Housings are available for many of the more popular prosumer 3-chip Standard and HiDef camcorders, and broadcast cameras like the Sony F900 and Panasonic Varicam HD camcorders - and an Ikegami 16:9/4:3 camera/housing package.

We also rent abovewater camcorder packages; a broadcast quality live switching "flightpack"; multiple broadcast box-type cameras with remote pan/tilt control; professional audio mixers, amps, speakers and video projection - for live events, conventions, concerts, etc. We also supply underwater and abovewater operators.

AquaVideo™ Client List

AquaVideo... the name speaks for itself. AquaVideo is underwater video. In 1981, AquaVideo was the first company to manufacture and market self-contained undewater video systems. Since then we have manufactured custom-fitted housings for 300+ different video systems of all sizes and shapes from consumer camcorders to Broadcast Betacams, and created more than 40 standardized designs for the most popular equipment. Today, AquaVideo continues to be the leader in underwater video technology.

AquaVideo's client list of companies that have purchased AquaVideo™ underwater housings and lights reads like a who's who of dive professionals, government agencies, major corporations, and virtually all of America's major oceanographic institutes.

NASA (Shuttle Recovery Operations)
U.S. Navy Seals
Naval Air Development Center
U.S. Air Force/Edwards AFB
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Army/Aberdeen Proving Grounds
NASA - (Neutral Bouyancy Laboratory - 7 Cameras)
National Marine Sanctuaries Program
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Assoc.
Naval Surface Warfare Center
General Electric Government Services
Woods Hole Oceanographic (VX1000)
Scripps Oceanographic Institute
United States Olympic Committee (U/W Robotic Cameras used in Olympic Training Center Pool)
David Taylor Research Center
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Perry Offshore
RSL - Research Submersibles Limited
British Broadcasting Corp. (VX1000)
Univision (Panasonic EZ-1 DV Digital & Sony PD-150
Hubbard Broadcasting
George Stover Adventure Productions
NBC6 (NBC Owned) (BVW Betacam)
PBS- WPBT2 (Panasonic EZ-1 DV Digital)
Discovery Channel Canada
Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures, Inc.
Stan Waterman Films
Jim and Cathy Church Photography
Paradise Video
Big John McLaughlin/Big John Productions
SeaWorld of Florida
Cayman Agressor
Miami Seaquarium
Peter Hughes
Walk on Water Productions
SeaFans Video Magazine
Divi Resorts
UNIVERSITIES (Partial Listings)
Univ. of Alaska
Univ. of Calif.-Berkeley
Univ. of Calgary
Univ. of Mississippi
Univ. of Texas
Univ. of Central Florida
Univ. of NC-Wilmington
Univ. of Hawaii
Univ. of New Brunswick
Univ. of Puerto Rico
Univ. of Florida
Indiana University
Univ. of Tel Aviv
Canada Dept. of Environment & Parks
Hialeah Fire Department
Central Maine Power
NOAA National Park Service
California Dept of Fish and Game
Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries-Scotland
Metro Dade Fire Department
Cayman Department of Natural Resources
Since 1990 AquaVideo has manufactured five different housings sold by Panasonic under the Panasonic® brandname:
Panasonic® Consumer Division: MC10; MC11; MC12 Case;
Panasonic Broadcast: MC-AG (1993), UWC-30 (1999)