About AquaVideo  

Founded in Minnesota in 1981 by Michael Hastings, AquaVideo relocated to South Florida in 1984.

In 1982 AquaVideo became the first company to manufacture and market self-contained underwater video systems. AquaVideo's client list reads like a who's who of dive professionals, government agencies, major corporations, and virtually all of America's major oceanographic institutes.

AquaVideo has built housings for consumer cameras and recorders, camcorders, Broadcast cameras, separate VTRs, Broadcast BETACAM, M-format and DVCPro/DVCAM Camcorders, U/W TVs, remotely controlled cameras for industrial and research use, specialized cameras for special forces use, and motion picture film cameras, among others.

In 1989, AquaVideo began OEM manufacturing of housings for the Panasonic PV10 which were sold through Panasonic dealers under the Panasonic brand name. This OEM relationship was repeated for new Panasonic camcorders in 1991, 1992, 1994 and most recently in for one of their professional 3-chip camcorders in 2000. AquaVideo has been the only U.S. company to manufacture housings directly for one of the major camcorder manufacturers. (Virtually all other OEM camcorder housings have been made in Japan.)

In 2006, Mr. Hastings became one of the first to order a RED digital cinema 4K camera, and within a month of initial deliveries in late 2007 had built the first prototype underwater housing and since has sold more than a dozen - months ahead of AquaVideo's nearest competitor. The REDONE camera is revolutionary in size and resolution with nearly 20 times the resolution of standard television and 4 times the resolution of even the latest high definition television. The REDONE provides a challenge to traditional film based feature film production (as well as high end video) yet for underwater work, fits in a compact housing similar in size to those for midrange prosumer camcorders. AquaVideo has continued to upgrade its RED camera system, upgrading to the Epic-X 5K version and recently to the 6K Epic Dragon.

Consequently, AquaVideo brings a vast amount of experience to every project. The value of our experience is that AquaVideo has just about seen it all. Our choice of materials, methods, features offered, accessories, etc. are based on years of practical experience.Throughout its history AquaVideo™ housings have led the industry in reliability, image quality, and design innovation. Whether yours is a serious amateur, professional, scientific, or military application, or you simply want to have fun recording your dive, you will find that an AquaVideo™ system will provide high quality, cost effective, worry-free underwater video - for years to come.

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